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  • Mary Grace Whatley


Many people tagged me in this DIY that's been floating around the internet from Kara Whitten (@kailochic) and of course.. I had to try it!! She has tips and tricks in her post about what worked for her! Here are my steps I took and the tips I have for you:


Grab some paraffin wax taper candles from Amazon, Michaels, or Home Depot! You can get packs of them for pretty cheap. These are the ones I ordered from Amazon:

Place them in a casserole dish with the hottest tap water you can get for about five minutes. I would find a dish big enough that they all fit. Let them soak. I rotated them about once or twice during that five minutes. Repeat the process. Dump the water and fill again with hot water and let sit for five more minutes.


Depending on the thickness of your candle, you might be able to go ahead and start working with them! The ones I used I was able to easily start forming the shapes I wanted. If they are thicker candles, you might have to repeat Step One a few more times before they can start forming with ease.


Allow them to dry before you start painting. Grab a black acrylic paint marker or just black acrylic paint and start painting your ghost faces!


Once candle ghost faces are dry, add them to candle sticks for easy, but cute, decor for Halloween and Fall! If you plan to light them, watch how they burn!

*Because of the new shapes, the wax could fall differently. Make sure you keep an eye on them to avoid anything else that could potentially burn.*

If you try this trend, let me know on Instagram! Tag me @ohmgcreates and show off your creation!! Have fun!

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