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  • Mary Grace Whatley


This trend is so fun!! I saw so many creatives post their own Thrift Store Ghost Paintings and I had to try it out and make one myself! The trick is taking your time with your local thrift stores. I went a few times over the course of a week and waited till I found the perfect painting for this trend.


Find your painting at the thrift store. Like I said above, finding the perfect one for you is key! If you don't like working with it from the start, you probably won't enjoy the project as a whole. I found this one for $1.99 at our local Salvation Army. It took me a few trips throughout the week to find one I would like.


Carefully remove the back of your painting if framed. There could be multiple layers with older paintings so doing this carefully is important so you don't tear the old painting!


Once you have the backing removed, start painting! I used acrylic paint to make sure it adheres to the painting well. I started with adding the ghosts over the people that were in the scene. It's a good place to start if you're unsure where to begin. I added some extra smaller ghosts across the pond and in the house windows. Depending on the painting, you might have to do a few layers.


Add the fall scenery! This painting had a lot of spring/summer plants and I grabbed the fall colored paints and transformed it a bit to match with with Fall/Halloween vibe of the project.


Add some bats and pumpkins if you wish! It just continues to add to the fun new transition.


When you're done, add back to the original frame and display with the rest of your fall or halloween decor!

If you try this trend, let me know on Instagram! Tag me @ohmgcreates and show off your creation!! Have fun!

Video of the process:

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