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  • Mary Grace Whatley


I can not stress ENOUGH at how easy these are. I mean so much so that I almost didn't even post about them because they're that simple. But the reason I did post them was just to show how you can take the most simple dessert like brownies and elevate them for your upcoming party!!

  1. Make your brownies. They can be homemade or from a dang box from the grocery store!! You know your favorite brownies! Make them.

  2. Grab a football cookie cutter or use a knife and cut out the shapes of footballs AFTER BROWNIES HAVE FULLY COOLED!! This is important so that they will keep their shape!

  3. Make your favorite icing or once again, grab some from the store!! It does not matter! Depends on you and your time!

  4. Add the icing to a piping bag! If you don't have a piping bag, grab a Ziplock bag. Cut the tip (very small snip) of the bag.

  5. Pipe the lines of the football!!


It's funny how simple these can be but so fun to take to your next football party for the season!! Enjoy!!

Video of the process:


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