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  • Mary Grace Whatley

Finding Freedom in Goals & Resolutions + start of the year resources

I think one of the most common resolutions I hear from Christians around this time of year is “this next year I’m going to read my Bible more” or “I’m really going to dig in this year”. Amen and me too, sis. What a great goal to have! But what I can also see is the excitement starting to wear off day by day as the year starts. Unsure feelings creeping in, maybe starting in the wrong spot or not knowing where to start at all, overwhelmed by the words on the pages, confused by what it all means, etc. Well I’m here to tell you in case someone hasn’t, you aren’t alone. So many people get to this spot every year and give up..

but what if you didn’t this year.

Think about yourself this time next year.. do you want to be in the same slump you’re feeling year after year wishing you hadn’t given up? Or do you want to see change occur in your walk? A renewed mind and spirit? Knowing God’s heart more? Some things you can expect from God’s Word: gaining a valuable sense of self-confidence in your ability to handle scripture day-by-day, experiencing the joy of personal discovery about His Words, deepening that relationship with it’s Author, and helping conform to Christ’s image.

The greater the investment, the greater the reward. Spiritual growth is a commitment to change.

I’ve compiled a list of resources that are amazing for anyone wanting to dig deeper into Scripture this year whether you’ve been walking with Jesus for 5 days or 50 years. Some that have helped me understand the Bible and God’s heart more than ever before.

I’ve also included some of my own free resources that are tools to help you work through anything that might be hindering your start to a better year ahead.

Each picture is linked with product shown.

My resource created to allow you to step back and reassess why goals or resolutions haven't happened in the past and how you can set yourself up best for the future 👇🏼


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