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  • Mary Grace Whatley

New Year, same ole me - but with different focuses.

Hi! Happy New Year friends! Yes, take a deep breath, we made it to 2021!! 2020 was wild. And that's just an understatement. Thinking about all of the events that happened in my life and in this world are crazy - you would think that the events actually happened over the course of 5 years. At least, that's what it felt like to me. But one things for sure... I grew. I grew as an individual, wife, daughter, friend, sister, creator, etc. Thank you Jesus I'm able to look back and see the growth and strength that developed.

My 2021 goals are looking a tad bit different this year - they're narrowing unlike past years. Every year my goals tend to always look the same - read the Bible consistently, try your hardest to look out for what you're eating, take care of your body, etc. But this year, I'm taking those same yearly goals and I'm narrowing them. As for studying the Bible - I'm pretty excited for the growth to come from it in 202. I'm not only studying the Bible more and sharing, but I'm focusing on the women that laid some major life lesson groundwork that we can learn from.⠀

Every year, I try to think of a way to study the Bible a little more closely while focusing on what God is trying to teach me. Some years have been just planning out which bible studies I want to do and what months I want to do them (I have many recommendations). Some years have been just following a 365 day devotional (I also have many recs for these). But over the past year I’ve been studying the Women of the Bible and learning so, SO much from them. They’re all like a built in mentor - you get to see what they struggle with, how they reacted, what they learned from God, and then my favorite part - i try to think of what advice they would tell me today. I would talk to Leah about feeling unworthy. I would talk to Rachel about seasons of waiting. I would talk to Sarah about trusting fully in God. ⠀

Each month, I plan to focus on certain women in the Bible and share along the way! I’m excited to dig deeper and to truly see how these women acted in faith and what I can learn from them. There is a reading plan that you can follow along with as well! When you see the little graphic of a women, I will be sharing about the women we can learn from on that day, from that passage!

This reading plan comes from The Bible Recap. I highly recommend reading their plan and then listening to their short podcasts talking about the passages each day! I'm adding my own twist by adding the Women of the Word segments! I hope you enjoy learning from those that once walked this earth and lived a full life before us!


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