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  • Mary Grace Whatley

Taking a Look into my Makeup Bag

What are you "must haves" in your makeup bag?? For me, some days I want to be a little more glam than others and let me be real here for a second... my glam just means adding in different shades of eyeshadow, some highlighter, and a little eyeliner. So nothing crazy!! But for the most part, I love sticking to the basics and here are some of my absolute staples:

Foundation || I am obsessed with this stuff. I have NEVER been a fan of foundation because everything I tried was too cakey for me or broke me out. But this... this is the first one (in like 13 years) that I have actually loved and use daily. It's lightweight, buildable coverage and great at evening out my skin tone. (with like 18 shades to choose from !!)

Brows || Where my blonde brow gals at? To be honest, I didn't start adding color to my brows till college and even then.. veryyyy little. My go to now is to grab an old makeup palette (Too Faced in the picture) and brush, and apply a brownish shade to my brows and then set them in place with the BEST brow gel

Concealer || The right amount of coverage you need and can be buildable too

Bronzer (Cream Bronzer/Blusher) || As a red headed gal, we don't get much tan. So we just have to fake it right? This cream bronzer comes in different shades and it's easy to blend into any face or makeup for the perfect sun-kissed glow

Mascara || I am a mascara snob and I'm not afraid to admit it. There are only two kinds out there that have stood the test for me - making my lashes appear even longer and nottttt clunked together. I like them to be separated and full. My all time favorites are Thrive Mascara and Beautycounters Think Big All in One Mascara

Lips || Incredibly smooth and not sticky! I start with this Maybelline Color Stay Crayon as my base coat, always. Then I like to layer on with a non-sticky gloss and my favorites are Beyond Gloss from Beautycounter and Lip Lifter from Maybelline

Eye Shadow Creams || The BEST cream eyeshadows that are light weight and still super pigmented - plus it makes apply eye shadow the easiest it's ever been!

Elf Eye Shadow Palette || Hello pretty and simple palette!

Tinted Moisturizer || Need just a little something and you're in a hurry to go? This tinted moisturizer will give you some coverage, moisturizer, and SPF so you can head out the door fast. Super lightweight and perfect for those days outside! Mix with your favorite foundation for a little bit more coverage!

Highlighter || The PERFECT glow that'll actually last all day long because of the cream application!

And did I mention that most of these are non-toxic products? Always a win in my makeup bag.

What are your must haves??


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